And The Grammy Goes To… FusionExcel!

March 8, 2011


2011 Grammy Nominees and Winners wanted to be charged with some FusionExcel Scalar Energy before their big night at the Grammys! Once again, Hollywood celebrities were speechless and continue to be amazed by the effectiveness of FusionExcel’s Quantum Science products. Many stars immediately placed a Quantum Shield at the back of their cell phones when they stopped by FusionExcel’s corner at the 2011 Grammy Award Red Carpet Gift Suite Event at the London Hotel, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

The most talked about Latin Female Singer T Lopez kissing FE’s Grammy Autograph Board!

The Organizer (Actor and Movie Producer, Roger Zamudio) of the Event was excited and was looking forward to meet with FE Founder CEO Paul Ting who dropped in during the Event. It was truly exciting to witness the excitement and amazement the Celebrities show towards our products!

Wladymyr Udovychenko, Rita Branch, Paul Ting, Linda Ting and Roger Zamudio

Paul Ting with well known actress Bai Ling and Roger Zamudio

Printz Board, Musical Director, Producer and Songwriter of the famous band Black Eyed Peas

CCH Pounder and her character in Avatar, Moat




FE Making Waves Among USA Sport’s Celebrities!

March 7, 2011

FusionExcel welcomes Sports Celebrities from United States!Alternative medicine, especially energy medicine, has been a hot topic among the top sports athletes in the Unites States. We had the opportunity recently to present FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy products to some of the top NFL players, MMA fighters, NBA players and coaches in the United States at the Sports Celebrities Red Carpet Event at Hollywood West Hotel. The Event was in conjunction with the NBA All Stars Event and was organised by Natasha Dooling, wife of 10-year NBA point guard, Keyon Dooling (Milwaukee Bucks).

We met up with some of US hottest Sports Superstars, many of whom were familiar with alternative energy pendants, bracelets or bands, and they have experienced kinesiology test from other suppliers and affirmed that they did indeed experienced a slight increased in energy. While meeting up with us, they were attracted by FE’s beautiful premium Quantum Pendants and agreed to do some muscle testing with our Quantum Pendant and comparing with the energy products they are currently using. “Man, I am taking off my energy band and I’m going to have FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant on NOW!” exclaimed one of the NFL players. We are extremely motivated to hear that and are going to continue to move full speed ahead to promote FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy products in the United States… We believe FusionExcel will be the largest Scalar Energy product supplier in North America very soon!AHOO! AHOO!! AHOO!!!

Devin McCourty – New England Patriots

La Ron McClain – Baltimore Ravens

Jason McCourty – Tennesse Titans

Jamar Chaney – Philadelphia Eagles

Tiquan Underwood – Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Barnette – Mix Martial Arts Champion

Chico Benymon, starred in Half & Half, Ali & Speed Dating

Chudney Ross (Daughter of Diana Ross), Writer, Model and TV Host with FE Endorser Dr Letitia Wright.

Elise Neal, starred in All Of Us, Hustle & Flow

Angell Conwell, starred in Baby Boy, What About Your Friends, Weekend Getaway, Soul Plane and The Wash

Brett Roberts , MMA Cares

Poucho Hodges – HBO True Blood,
Joyful Drake – BET “Let’s Stay Together”

Jamie Hilfiger (Model & Niece of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger)

Ladies of Behind The Bench Organization (NBA Wives)

Fusionexcel in Hollywood

January 25, 2011

JAN. 16, 2011, Beverly Hills Greetings, FusionExcel distributors. We are proud and thrilled to inform you that FusionExcel International was at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards Secret Room Gifting Suite, Beverly Hills, receiving awesome response from the celebrities and benefitting non-profit organization ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’, a non-profit organization at the same time. Hollywood celebrities got the chance to try on FusionExcel’s revolutionary bio-tech energy products and they were amazed and impressed by the effectiveness of FusionExcel Quantum Shields and Quantum Pendants.


The Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Secret Room event was held in Beverly Hills at the SLS Hotel. During this annual event, celebrities such as actors, actresses, singers, song writers, producers, and medias get to try out various new products in the market, and this year, FusionExcel made its presence among the stars.


The event also raised funds for ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ (TWLOHA), a non profit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people who struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide (for more information, you may visit

We were also visited by renowned singer and song writer, Debbie Gibson, a long-time favourite among many of us! She was glad to meet some of her fans from Malaysia at the FusionExcel corner, She was amazed by the product and specifically requested for the FusionExcel Quantum Pen.

Many child celebrities such as Will Shadley (Spy Next Door, co-star with Jackie Chan), Madison Leisle(Ghost Whisperer), and many more were enchanted by the kinesiology test performed on them. They acknowledged how beneficial FusionExcel products are to protect them from the harmful EMF radiation, they were thrilled and grateful when presented with the FusionExcel Quantum shields. They claimed that these shields are going on their cell phones and notebooks without a doubt as they spend so much time talking on the mobile phones and sitting in front of the computer! Even old-time star Chris MacDonalds(Numb3rs; SGU Startgate, Law & Order) specifically asked for a whole set of Quantum Shield for all his tech gadgets and for his family.

Stephen Glickman from the Teen TV series BIG TME RUSH was so amazed with the Quantum Pendant, he said that he will wear it on the show whenever possible. Said Faraj (Green Zone) was also so impressed, he immediately placed Quantum Shield on his iPhone and stayed with us at our booth for some time. Lorielle New (Grindhouse) liked the Premium Pendant so much, she emailed us two days later with with a picture of her wearing it. Bai Ling was also seen still wearing our pendant later


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Master Creighton 7th Degree Black Belt (ITF Taekwondo) 8 Times Canada Champion

February 21, 2009

Master Creighton

Master Seymour Creighton is a Seventh Degree Black Belt who has been teaching martial arts for over 25 years.

Master Creighton’s Credentials:

  • 8 Times National Taekwon-Do Champion
  • 5 Times Member of Team Canada
  • 3 Times Canadian National Women’s Team Coach
  • 2 Times Canadian National Junior Boys Team Coach
  • 2 Times Canadian National Veteran’s Team Coach

For more infor, please visit Creighton Taekwondo

Chris John, 10 times World Boxing Association Super Champion

November 12, 2008

Chris “The Dragon” John, current World Boxing Association Featherweight Champion successfully defended his world title in Japan on 24th October 2008 for the 10th time earning him the status of Super Champion. His unblemished record now stands at 43 fights, 42 wins (22 wins by knockout), 1 draw and no losses.

One to two months before a title fight I undergo a strenuous and rigorous daily training routine to keep me in top shape for the upcoming fight. I push my body to the limit with hundreds of sparring rounds and energy sapping exercises. At night when I go to bed my body aches and muscles strained, yet I must wake up early in the morning to continue training. The same is also true when I come out of a fight. Anybody involved in boxing should know how your body feels after a fight.

Since wearing FE’s Quantum Pendant and drinking water from the Quantum Flask, I noticed that my body condition recovers much faster and I feel less aching muscles after every training day. After my last hard fought title defense in Japan (anybody who saw it can bear testimony) my body recovered much quicker. Thank you, FusionExcel!

P. Shiva Kumar, Super Gold Medal Winner 6th World Championship Chinese Cuisine

November 12, 2008

Shiva with his Super Gold winning dishes

Shiva with his Super Gold
Medals and Trophy

usionExcel International sponsored a Malaysian participant to the 6th World Championship of Chinese Zuisine held on the 18th day of October, 2008 in Beijing, China.

FE would like to extend our heartiest congratulation to Mr. P. Shiva Kumar, a Malaysian Indian Chef for winning the highest coveted Super Gold Award. He commented after wearing our Quantum Pendant, he is more focus and have more energy to perform his tasks. He felt more relax and this enable him to perform better during the world class cooking competition.

FE is proud to sponsor a total of RM 10,000.00 in cash and Quantum Science Products for him to compete in the prestigious 6th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine Competition. Malaysian Boleh!

Shiva with world famous TV
Chef, “Yan Can Cook”

Manuel Monsour Del Rosario III, Tae Kwon Do Champion

October 25, 2008

Being an Olympian, I wish I had the Quantum Pendant long before and that could have made a big difference with my Tae Kwon Do performance. Wearing the Quantum Pendant, I instantly felt my knee pain diminished and it is simply amazing. With this added health benefit, I can train my students better and execute the action scenes during filming with greater agility. I am a natural sports person and saw dramatic improvement in my other games too.  My golf swing is more consistent, accurate and further. On the basketball court, I am now embarrassing the younger and bigger opponents with my new found strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. Thank you Fusion Excel!


* Ranked No.1 in the Philippines from 1982-1989
* Ranked No.1 in Southeast Asia in 1989 (Gold Medalist 15th SEA Games)
* Ranked No.1 in Southeast Asia Lightweight Division in 1987 (Gold Medalist 14th SEA Games)
* Ranked 2nd Best in Asia in 1986 (Silver Medalist in the 1986 10th Asian Games, Seoul, Korea)
* Ranked 3rd Best In the World in 1985 (Bronze Medalist in the 1985 7th World TKD Championships in Seoul, Korea)
* 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo (Lightweight Division)
* Quarter finalist at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

Under Master Sung Chong Hong, Korean 9th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt

Career Summary

– Competed for the Philippine National Taekwondo Team (1982 – 1989)
– Ranked #1 in the Philippines in the Lightweight Division (1982 – 1989)
– 8 time National Lightweight Champion
– Taekwondo Coach (1984 – 1987)
– Coached for the Philippine National Taekwondo Team (1989 / 1991 / 1993 / 1995 / 1996)
– Team Captain of the Philippine National Taekwondo Team (1985 to 1989)
– Team Captain for the Olympic Taekwondo Team, Seoul Olympics Quarterfinalist in the Olympic   Games in Seoul Korea (1988)
– International Taekwondo Referee
– Member, Taekwondo Hall Of Fame, Kukiwon Center, Seoul, Korea