Doug Wilmoth, PGA Tour Rep on FusionExcel Pendant

Doug SmithI would like to tell you about what happen to me at the PGA Merchandise Show this year. I went there with sore feet caused by high blood sugar. My feet were not getting the proper flow of blood to them for the last 9 months. At supper Paul and Jin gave me a Quantum Pendant to wear around my neck and tested me with every test known to man. After wearing it for about one hour my feet had no pain and the dark color on them was gone and they were pink again. The next morning I walked the entire show floor with no pain. It is going to be great working on the PGA Champions tour this year with no pain in my feet!  Thanks to Paul and Jin. Also my friend Fuzzy Zoeller was amazed at how he could turn his back around at the hip and said that this will help him in his golf swing. He says thanks also to Quantum Pendant!.

– Doug Wilmoth, PGA Tour Rep


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