Former Worldclass Body Builder on FusionExcel Pendant

Malek Noor, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (Champion Body Builder)

  1. 2 times Finalist Mr. Universe (Heavyweight)
  2. 6 times Mr. Asia (Heavyweight)
  3. 4 times Mr. Asean (Heavyweight)
  4. 6 times Mr. Malaysia (Heavyweight)

Special Awards:

  1. Malaysian Sportsman of the Year – 1985
  2. Gold Benson & Hedges Sports Personality Awards – 1985
  3. Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) Medal – 1986
  4. Sultan Ibrahim (PIS) Medal – 1986

“Quantum Pendant is nothing religious. It is given by God to heal you and for your health” – Malek Noor

I had a major operation done a few years ago to reconnect the tissue on my left arm. As a result I was having difficulty in clasping my left hand fingers.  However after putting on the FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant recently, amazingly I am able to clasp my left hand fingers with ease now. I also discovered that I am now able to walk immediately after standing up from the seat. Prior to this, I had to wait for few seconds before I could walk after getting up from the chair. I started having this problem as a result of the three operations done on my left knee and one on the right to fix my torn ligaments. Now I am happy to have found FusionExcel’s amazing Quantum Pendant. I also feel more focus & calm. Even food taste better.  The stiff elbow I use to have is now gone so are the headaches & colds I used to have as a result of sleeping late nights.  Toothache is no longer a problem. Best of all I feel more energetic and my sexual interest is enhanced.
I also operate a few gymnasiums. I tried the FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant on few people in the gym and they reported that it makes them lift the weights much easier. I also tried the FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant on a friend of mine who happens to be a sharp shooter in the police force and he reported that it made his arm more stable during firing practice and also it relieved him of stomach aches & toothaches. Others reported disappearing of numbness in their arm as well as increased in energy.


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