Frank Miller, Golf Champion on FusionExcel Pendant

Frank Miller Current World Long Drive Senior Champion and 3 Times World Champion – 1991 Chrysler National Long Drive Champion.

  1. 1992 North American Long Drive Champion
  2. All time leading money winner on the World Power Golf Tour. Currently third on LDA money list
  3. Longest drive in LDA Competition in Alburquerque, NM with a drive of 525 yards in 2003
  4. 1992-1993 REMAX World Championship Finalist
  5. Winner of three professional golf tournaments on the Golden State Tour
  6. 1994 REMAX World Champion
  7. 1995-1996 Finalist at REMAX World Championship
  8. 1997 Finished 3rd at the REMAX World Championship
  9. 1998 REMAX World Championship Finalist
  10. 1999 REMAX World Championship Finalist; finished 4th
  11. 2000 Finished 6th at REMAX World Championship
  12. 2001 Leading Money Winner on the LDA Tour
  13. 2001 Finished 9th at REMAX World Championship
  14. 2002 LDA Tour’s Player of the Year
  15. 2003 North American Champion
  16. Exempt 2003 REMAX World Championship
  17. 2004 Finished 2nd at the REMAX WorldChampionship
  18. 2005 Finished 4th at the REMAX WorldChampionship
  19. 2007 REMAX World Long Drive Champion – Senior

Fusion Excel’s Quantum Pendant has helped me perform to my highest level. It allows me to focus and use energy in a positive way rather than a negative one. The Pendant gives you presence of immediate surroundings with a poised and confident bearing of one’s self to analysis pressure situations in a calm and confident way rather than an unconfident or negative way. The Pendant must have helped me, for it has been 8-years since I have won a World Championship.

-Frank Miller


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