Jean Daniels, International Golf Long Drive Specialist on FusionExcel Pendant

My name is Jean Daniels. I am a South African but currently residing in Malaysia. I am an International Golf Long Drive Specialist. I have competed in the REMAX World Long Drive Tour for over 10 years. I have won 14 international long drive events. Hitting the golf ball over 400 yards regularly is a must in these events. I also run trick shot entertainment shows where I entertain golfers. In the shows I hit golf balls with many different strange equipments like:

  1. A rod made from rubber hose
  2. A driver with a motor bike chain for a shaft
  3. A driver with 2 hinges in the shaft
  4. A hammer…. To name a few

I can also hit:

  1. A golf ball with a putter over 200 yards
  2. A golf ball with a 7 Iron over 200 yards
  3. A golf ball up to 300 yards while on my knees
  4. I can also hit a ball over, under, around and through many different objects.

In these trick shot shows I can’t afford to make any mistakes. For both long drive and the trick shows, BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY, MENTAL AWARENESS and STAMINA are very important factors which aids in maintaining consistency and the ability to perform the best.

The problem is as I’m getting older, all of the important factors are getting more difficult to achieve. About a month ago I was introduced to FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant. At first I was very skeptical about the product and thought there must be some trick. After wearing the Quantum Pendant for about 2 weeks I started to realize the differences. Balance improvements were almost immediate even just practicing I could feel the difference. During golf shows, I made less mistakes and my stamina is better. Minor injuries like stiffness, joint pains and muscle pulls which happen all the time, heal faster.

The Quantum Pendant has definitely given me an added advantage to perform better. I really recommend the pendant to all golfers. Try it! It really works!


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