Kristy McPherson, LPGA Tour Player on FusionExcel Pendant

I just returned from a Pro-Am party and I wowed the crowd with the Quantum Pendant !! There were Pros and Amateurs there and they were all impressed.

I put on the show you put on for me. They were all sold on the product. Thanks so much for sharing this great product with me. I’m looking forward to showing it off to many people!

I came home for a few days and I showed my dad the Quantum Pendant. He is a cancer survivor and now has a metal rod in his leg and walks on a cane. He is constantly in pain. He has been wearing my Quantum Pendant for 3 days and swears by it. He is fighting to keep it so I wanted to maybe get him one for his birthday. I’m excited about taking the Quantum Pendant out on tour! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks Jin!

-Kristy McPherson, LPGA Tour Player


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