Lance Reader, Long Drive Record Holder on FusionExcel Pendant

Lance Reader, 2004 World Long Drive Record Holder.  Long Drive Accomplishments: – 2004 World Record Drive – 526 yards.

  1. 2004 LDA District Qualifier 1st Place
  2. 2003 LDA Long Drive Tour Member
  3. 2003 Buick Open Long Drive Champion
  4. 2003 LDA District Qualifier 1st Place
  5. Krank Golf – Founder and President

I currently compete as a Professional Long Drive Golfer and own Krank Golf. We manufacture custom made driver for golf and long drive. After years of competing in long drive I developed a very sore right elbow tendon. Nothing seemed to get rid of the pain and discomfort. It became almost impossible to compete or even pick up my kids to give them a hug. After trying everything I could get my hands on and nothing relieving my pain, I decided to try the Quantum Pendant. Amazing!

Not only was my pain significantly reduced, but also my range of motion was increased. I also noticed as I wore the pendant in competition, my concentration was far more focused and clear. I was more calm and controlled. I ended up winning the long drive event, hitting 427 yards. It always feels good to beat all the young guns in long drive.

You see, I’m 44 years old; three years ago I broke the World Long Drive record, hitting 526 yards.Since then, I feel I have slipped a little in distance and accuracy.I believe it is mainly due to nagging injuries and lack of concentration.As far as I can tell the Quantum Pendant has resolved both those issues. I am grateful.

Just as a note, every Long Driver on our team has tested ball speed and accuracy with and without the Quantum Pendant on. Every single hitter showed improved numbers with it on. Our testing was done carefully and most of the time without the hitter knowing why they were putting the pendant on. It really was very interesting.


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