Pat Dempsey, World Long Drive Champion on FusionExcel Pendant

Pat Dempsey 2 Times World Long Drive Champion

  1. 2007 REMAX World Long Drive Senior Runner Up
  2. 2007 Top 3 Money List LDA Tour Sr. Div
  3. 2007 “UST High Performance Driving Team” Team Captain
  4. 2007 LDA Desert Launch Top 4 Sr. Div
  5. 2006 International Long Drive Sr. Champion
  6. 2005 ALDA Sr. Champion
  7. 2004 LDA Tour Tulsa, OK Sr. Champion
  8. 2004 LDA Tour Rochester, NY Sr. Champion
  9. 2004 Top 3 Money List LDA Tour Sr. Div.
  10. 2002 USA / S. Africa Team Captain
  11. 2002 REMAX World Long Drive Sr. Champion
  12. 2003 & 2002 NorCal Long Drive Challenge Sr. Champion
  13. 2001 World Ranked #6 Long Driver-Open Div.
  14. 2001 Oldest Ranked Finalist in Open Division
  15. 1998 World Ranked #9 Long Driver- Open Div

I have always put “hard work” as the single most productive thing one can do to improve their game. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t always go along with the program and it isn’t always 100% when you need it to be. This year I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to the “Rock”, better known as Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant. I was tested, and sure enough in the process, having the “Rock”, did make a difference. I’m still a little old fashioned, but it did interest me enough to give it a go, so put it.

The REMAX World Long Drive finals is a grueling week of nerves, pressure and having to be at your peak performance at all times, which is not as easy as it looks. But, after looking back on the week, I realized that my concentration level was great, my body recovered 100% every day, and my flexibility and strength was better than normal. Now, was it the “Rock”? Is it all in my head? What’s the difference? Who knows for sure, but it works for me and hasn’t come off my neck. Also, my Mom was with me in Mesquite, and with 2 knee replacements, she has a hard time standing up from a seated position. She asked to see my “Rock”, and you guessed it, she stood straight up with no problems. I don’t know how, but it happened just that way. For some reason it works and that’s all I need to know, besides, it looks good too!


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