World Bowling Champion on FusionExcel Pendant

Shalin Zulkifli, World Bowling Champion

  1. Credentials include Malaysian National Bowling
  2. Team Member for the past 14 years
  3. 5 times Malaysian National Sportswoman Award Winner
  4. International Bowling Hall of Fame inductee
  5. World Bowling Champion
  6. 5 times National Champion
  7. Ranked 4th in the World in 2007

As a full time national athlete and businesswoman, I live a very fast paced and hectic lifestyle. As an athlete, I train daily and I bowl an average of 20 tournaments overseas a year. When I’m not training or competing overseas, I run my Bowling Centre “Pin Junction” with my fiancée and family. At times I would work 16 hours a day on top of my daily training and gym workout sessions.

I have constantly experienced muscle aches, fatigue and high stress situations in my work and when I’m competing. Since I was introduced to and started wearing FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant, I have felt and experienced a fantastic increase in my ability to concentrate on my competitive and business commitments.

Bowling is a sport that requires maintaining a high level of concentration for a long period (we compete for about 4 to 6 hours) of time, balance and stamina. After wearing the Quantum Pendant, I feel more energized, more alert and my stamina has improved tremendously. It has given me the winning edge over my opponents because I feel more calm, relaxed and confident when I compete and it has translated into an improvement in my performance. I even bowled a perfect game (300 games, 12 strikes in a row) with it after a week!

I would strongly recommend the Quantum Pendant to everyone; if it has helped me, imagine what it can do for you!


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