World No.1 Badminton Player on FusionExcel Pendant

Foo Kok Keong, International Badminton Champion

  1. 1991 IBF Ranking World No. 1 Single Player
  2. 1992 Champion Thomas Cup Team
  3. 1994 Champion Asian Badminton Championship

For the past 5 years  I was having serious pain on my right knee cap due to many years of competitive sport including International Badminton Tournaments. After putting on the FusionExcel Quantum Pendant for just a few days, I begin to experience amazing relief of pain on my right knee cap. Recently, my stamina during sporting games had also IMPROVED TREMENDOUSLY due to the INCREASE OF ENERGY LEVEL provided by the Quantum Pendant. I highly recommend this Amazing Quantum Pendant to all who want to EXCEL in social & competitive sports.


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