Ramazan Ramazanov, The Punisher, WMC Muay Thai World Heavyweight Champion

 – 2007 WMC Intercontinental Muay Thai Heavyweight champion (Sydney)
 – 2007 WMC Middle East Muay Thai Heavyweight champion (Dubai)
 – 2006 Winner of S-1 Heavyweight tournament (Bangkok)
 – 2006 PK-1 World champion (Phuket)
 – 2005 WMC World champion (Bangkok)
 – 2004 King’s Birthday tournament Finalist (Bangkok)
 – 2004 WPMF World champion (Bangkok)
 – 2003 IFMA Russian champion

Training hard day after day takes a toll on my body. 3 years ago I sprained a ligament on my right hand wrist. Every time I punch a punching bag, I can feel the strain on my wrist. When I was first introduced to Fusion Excel’s QP, I was a bit sceptical. However, after hearing how the QP has helped many people, including world class sports people , I decided to give it a try. Since wearing the QP, I noticed the pain in my right wrist is much reduced! Furthermore, my recovery rate has also improved. I feel stronger and has much more energy and power. My concentration has improved and I sleep much better at night. It is indeed a wonderful product! Thank you FE! I have no hesitation recommending the QP to everyone. PS: I am now also using the Quantum Flask.

more info : www.therightopportunity.com


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