Manuel Monsour Del Rosario III, Tae Kwon Do Champion

Being an Olympian, I wish I had the Quantum Pendant long before and that could have made a big difference with my Tae Kwon Do performance. Wearing the Quantum Pendant, I instantly felt my knee pain diminished and it is simply amazing. With this added health benefit, I can train my students better and execute the action scenes during filming with greater agility. I am a natural sports person and saw dramatic improvement in my other games too.  My golf swing is more consistent, accurate and further. On the basketball court, I am now embarrassing the younger and bigger opponents with my new found strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. Thank you Fusion Excel!


* Ranked No.1 in the Philippines from 1982-1989
* Ranked No.1 in Southeast Asia in 1989 (Gold Medalist 15th SEA Games)
* Ranked No.1 in Southeast Asia Lightweight Division in 1987 (Gold Medalist 14th SEA Games)
* Ranked 2nd Best in Asia in 1986 (Silver Medalist in the 1986 10th Asian Games, Seoul, Korea)
* Ranked 3rd Best In the World in 1985 (Bronze Medalist in the 1985 7th World TKD Championships in Seoul, Korea)
* 6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo (Lightweight Division)
* Quarter finalist at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

Under Master Sung Chong Hong, Korean 9th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt

Career Summary

– Competed for the Philippine National Taekwondo Team (1982 – 1989)
– Ranked #1 in the Philippines in the Lightweight Division (1982 – 1989)
– 8 time National Lightweight Champion
– Taekwondo Coach (1984 – 1987)
– Coached for the Philippine National Taekwondo Team (1989 / 1991 / 1993 / 1995 / 1996)
– Team Captain of the Philippine National Taekwondo Team (1985 to 1989)
– Team Captain for the Olympic Taekwondo Team, Seoul Olympics Quarterfinalist in the Olympic   Games in Seoul Korea (1988)
– International Taekwondo Referee
– Member, Taekwondo Hall Of Fame, Kukiwon Center, Seoul, Korea


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