Rexy Mainaky, World Champion Olympic Badminton Gold Medallist

Rexy Mainaky is a former badminton World Champion and Olympics Champion in the men’s doubles with his partner Ricky Subagdja. They won numerous titles including Olympics Gold Medal at 1996 Olympics Atlanta. They were also crowned World Champions at the Badminton World Championships in Lausanne. The pair are among the fastest the world has known, notorious for their killer jumping smashes.

FE’s Quantum Pendant has helped me with my job as the Malaysian National Badminton Doubles Coach. After I wore FE’s Quantum Pendant for a week I can feel the difference. I wasn’t feeling tired and fatigue at all when I sparred with my players. Usually I can only play 1 set but now I can play 3 or 4 sets without rest! I feel more energetic.

A week before the 2008 Beijing Olympics I hurt my calf muscle. After wearing FE’s Quantum Bracelet and drinking the charged water from FE’s Quantum flask, the pain was gone in 2 days when usually it would take longer!  I highly recommend everyone to use FE’s Quantum Science products. It worked for me and I am sure it would work for you as well!


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