Chris John, 10 times World Boxing Association Super Champion

Chris “The Dragon” John, current World Boxing Association Featherweight Champion successfully defended his world title in Japan on 24th October 2008 for the 10th time earning him the status of Super Champion. His unblemished record now stands at 43 fights, 42 wins (22 wins by knockout), 1 draw and no losses.

One to two months before a title fight I undergo a strenuous and rigorous daily training routine to keep me in top shape for the upcoming fight. I push my body to the limit with hundreds of sparring rounds and energy sapping exercises. At night when I go to bed my body aches and muscles strained, yet I must wake up early in the morning to continue training. The same is also true when I come out of a fight. Anybody involved in boxing should know how your body feels after a fight.

Since wearing FE’s Quantum Pendant and drinking water from the Quantum Flask, I noticed that my body condition recovers much faster and I feel less aching muscles after every training day. After my last hard fought title defense in Japan (anybody who saw it can bear testimony) my body recovered much quicker. Thank you, FusionExcel!


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