Fusionexcel in Hollywood

JAN. 16, 2011, Beverly Hills Greetings, FusionExcel distributors. We are proud and thrilled to inform you that FusionExcel International was at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards Secret Room Gifting Suite, Beverly Hills, receiving awesome response from the celebrities and benefitting non-profit organization ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’, a non-profit organization at the same time. Hollywood celebrities got the chance to try on FusionExcel’s revolutionary bio-tech energy products and they were amazed and impressed by the effectiveness of FusionExcel Quantum Shields and Quantum Pendants.


The Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Secret Room event was held in Beverly Hills at the SLS Hotel. During this annual event, celebrities such as actors, actresses, singers, song writers, producers, and medias get to try out various new products in the market, and this year, FusionExcel made its presence among the stars.


The event also raised funds for ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ (TWLOHA), a non profit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people who struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide (for more information, you may visit http://www.TWLOHA.com).

We were also visited by renowned singer and song writer, Debbie Gibson, a long-time favourite among many of us! She was glad to meet some of her fans from Malaysia at the FusionExcel corner, She was amazed by the product and specifically requested for the FusionExcel Quantum Pen.

Many child celebrities such as Will Shadley (Spy Next Door, co-star with Jackie Chan), Madison Leisle(Ghost Whisperer), and many more were enchanted by the kinesiology test performed on them. They acknowledged how beneficial FusionExcel products are to protect them from the harmful EMF radiation, they were thrilled and grateful when presented with the FusionExcel Quantum shields. They claimed that these shields are going on their cell phones and notebooks without a doubt as they spend so much time talking on the mobile phones and sitting in front of the computer! Even old-time star Chris MacDonalds(Numb3rs; SGU Startgate, Law & Order) specifically asked for a whole set of Quantum Shield for all his tech gadgets and for his family.

Stephen Glickman from the Teen TV series BIG TME RUSH was so amazed with the Quantum Pendant, he said that he will wear it on the show whenever possible. Said Faraj (Green Zone) was also so impressed, he immediately placed Quantum Shield on his iPhone and stayed with us at our booth for some time. Lorielle New (Grindhouse) liked the Premium Pendant so much, she emailed us two days later with with a picture of her wearing it. Bai Ling was also seen still wearing our pendant later onwww.starpulse.com.


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