FE Making Waves Among USA Sport’s Celebrities!

FusionExcel welcomes Sports Celebrities from United States!Alternative medicine, especially energy medicine, has been a hot topic among the top sports athletes in the Unites States. We had the opportunity recently to present FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy products to some of the top NFL players, MMA fighters, NBA players and coaches in the United States at the Sports Celebrities Red Carpet Event at Hollywood West Hotel. The Event was in conjunction with the NBA All Stars Event and was organised by Natasha Dooling, wife of 10-year NBA point guard, Keyon Dooling (Milwaukee Bucks).

We met up with some of US hottest Sports Superstars, many of whom were familiar with alternative energy pendants, bracelets or bands, and they have experienced kinesiology test from other suppliers and affirmed that they did indeed experienced a slight increased in energy. While meeting up with us, they were attracted by FE’s beautiful premium Quantum Pendants and agreed to do some muscle testing with our Quantum Pendant and comparing with the energy products they are currently using. “Man, I am taking off my energy band and I’m going to have FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant on NOW!” exclaimed one of the NFL players. We are extremely motivated to hear that and are going to continue to move full speed ahead to promote FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy products in the United States… We believe FusionExcel will be the largest Scalar Energy product supplier in North America very soon!AHOO! AHOO!! AHOO!!!

Devin McCourty – New England Patriots

La Ron McClain – Baltimore Ravens

Jason McCourty – Tennesse Titans

Jamar Chaney – Philadelphia Eagles

Tiquan Underwood – Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Barnette – Mix Martial Arts Champion

Chico Benymon, starred in Half & Half, Ali & Speed Dating

Chudney Ross (Daughter of Diana Ross), Writer, Model and TV Host with FE Endorser Dr Letitia Wright.

Elise Neal, starred in All Of Us, Hustle & Flow

Angell Conwell, starred in Baby Boy, What About Your Friends, Weekend Getaway, Soul Plane and The Wash

Brett Roberts , MMA Cares

Poucho Hodges – HBO True Blood,
Joyful Drake – BET “Let’s Stay Together”

Jamie Hilfiger (Model & Niece of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger)

Ladies of Behind The Bench Organization (NBA Wives)


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