FE Making Waves Among USA Sport’s Celebrities!

March 7, 2011

FusionExcel welcomes Sports Celebrities from United States!Alternative medicine, especially energy medicine, has been a hot topic among the top sports athletes in the Unites States. We had the opportunity recently to present FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy products to some of the top NFL players, MMA fighters, NBA players and coaches in the United States at the Sports Celebrities Red Carpet Event at Hollywood West Hotel. The Event was in conjunction with the NBA All Stars Event and was organised by Natasha Dooling, wife of 10-year NBA point guard, Keyon Dooling (Milwaukee Bucks).

We met up with some of US hottest Sports Superstars, many of whom were familiar with alternative energy pendants, bracelets or bands, and they have experienced kinesiology test from other suppliers and affirmed that they did indeed experienced a slight increased in energy. While meeting up with us, they were attracted by FE’s beautiful premium Quantum Pendants and agreed to do some muscle testing with our Quantum Pendant and comparing with the energy products they are currently using. “Man, I am taking off my energy band and I’m going to have FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant on NOW!” exclaimed one of the NFL players. We are extremely motivated to hear that and are going to continue to move full speed ahead to promote FusionExcel’s Scalar Energy products in the United States… We believe FusionExcel will be the largest Scalar Energy product supplier in North America very soon!AHOO! AHOO!! AHOO!!!

Devin McCourty – New England Patriots

La Ron McClain – Baltimore Ravens

Jason McCourty – Tennesse Titans

Jamar Chaney – Philadelphia Eagles

Tiquan Underwood – Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Barnette – Mix Martial Arts Champion

Chico Benymon, starred in Half & Half, Ali & Speed Dating

Chudney Ross (Daughter of Diana Ross), Writer, Model and TV Host with FE Endorser Dr Letitia Wright.

Elise Neal, starred in All Of Us, Hustle & Flow

Angell Conwell, starred in Baby Boy, What About Your Friends, Weekend Getaway, Soul Plane and The Wash

Brett Roberts , MMA Cares

Poucho Hodges – HBO True Blood,
Joyful Drake – BET “Let’s Stay Together”

Jamie Hilfiger (Model & Niece of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger)

Ladies of Behind The Bench Organization (NBA Wives)


Master Creighton 7th Degree Black Belt (ITF Taekwondo) 8 Times Canada Champion

February 21, 2009

Master Creighton

Master Seymour Creighton is a Seventh Degree Black Belt who has been teaching martial arts for over 25 years.

Master Creighton’s Credentials:

  • 8 Times National Taekwon-Do Champion
  • 5 Times Member of Team Canada
  • 3 Times Canadian National Women’s Team Coach
  • 2 Times Canadian National Junior Boys Team Coach
  • 2 Times Canadian National Veteran’s Team Coach

For more infor, please visit Creighton Taekwondo

Ade Rai, Champion World Class Indonesian Bodybuilder

October 25, 2008

– IFBB Indonesian National Championship, 1st Heavyweight & Overall,
Best Bodybuilder (1994-2007)
– ABBF/IFBB Mr.ASEAN (1995-1997)
– ABBF/IFBB Mr. Asia (1995-1998)
– SEA Games Gold Medal (1997)
Light Heavyweight & Overall Winner (1996)
Professional Overall Winner (2000)
Professional Overall Winner (2000)

My intensive training program requires intensive recuperative measures. FE’s Quantum Pendant helps me boost BOTH my training and recuperative edges. It has been a positive addition to my strenuous and active lifestyle. I also love the fact that FE’s Quantum Pendant is backed by scientific researches!

Rexy Mainaky, World Champion Olympic Badminton Gold Medallist

October 25, 2008

Rexy Mainaky is a former badminton World Champion and Olympics Champion in the men’s doubles with his partner Ricky Subagdja. They won numerous titles including Olympics Gold Medal at 1996 Olympics Atlanta. They were also crowned World Champions at the Badminton World Championships in Lausanne. The pair are among the fastest the world has known, notorious for their killer jumping smashes.

FE’s Quantum Pendant has helped me with my job as the Malaysian National Badminton Doubles Coach. After I wore FE’s Quantum Pendant for a week I can feel the difference. I wasn’t feeling tired and fatigue at all when I sparred with my players. Usually I can only play 1 set but now I can play 3 or 4 sets without rest! I feel more energetic.

A week before the 2008 Beijing Olympics I hurt my calf muscle. After wearing FE’s Quantum Bracelet and drinking the charged water from FE’s Quantum flask, the pain was gone in 2 days when usually it would take longer!  I highly recommend everyone to use FE’s Quantum Science products. It worked for me and I am sure it would work for you as well!

Candra Wijaya, Badminton World Champion & Olympic Gold Medallist

October 25, 2008

– Badminton Doubles Gold Medal 2000 Sydney Olympics.
– All England Doubles Champion 1999 & 2005.
– World Grand Prix Finals Champion 2000.
– All England Doubles Runner Up 1998.
– World Championships Runner Up 1997 & 2005.

I am really impressed with the power of FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant. A while ago, I was suffering from muscle aches in my back and thigh. I wore FE’s QP overnight and the next day the pain was gone! Now when I am playing badminton, I found that my stamina and energy has also improved. I can now play longer without getting tired. Thank you FE for such a wonderful product!

Suzy Susanti, Badminton World Champion & Olympics Gold Medallist

October 25, 2008

Suzy Susanti is among the most admired figures in the history of women’s badminton. Suzy is the Winner Woman’s Singles Gold Medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Games, Spain. She also won the All England in 1990,1991,1993 and 1994, the World Badminton Grand Prix Finale 5 times from 1990 to 1994 and the IBF World Championships in 1993.  Suzy was inducted into the International Badminton Federation Hall Of Fame in May 2004 and received the Herbert Scheele Trophy in 2002.

“As a former badminton athlete, my activities right now is very hectic where at the same time I need to take care of my children and managing my family. Most of the time I felt that my physical condition is not as good as before e.g. worn out faster, my body felt painful and stiff during work-out.  However, ever since I wore Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant, I can feel a lot of benefit from it because it helps me to recover from the fatigue and I always felt fit and fresh. Due to that experience, I gave the pendants to both of my parent and the result was amazing. They felt that their body condition and physical condition are very different such as fitter, healthier and fresher.  I am very confident that FE Quantum Pendant is a very good for our health!”

Adam Hollioake, former Captain of England Cricket Team

June 20, 2008

Adam John Hollioake is the former Captain of the England Cricket team and is a cricketing all-rounder.

He played first-class cricket for Surrey County Cricket Club between 1993 and 2004 and  also captained Surrey for several years leading them to victory in the County Championship in 1999, 2000 and 2002.Hollioake played in four Test matches for England at the end of 1997 and the beginning of 1998.

He achieved greater success in One Day Internationals, playing in 35 matches from 1996 to 1999, taking over the captaincy of the ODI side for 14 matches while Michael Atherton remained Test captain.

Adam Hollioake retired from international cricket in 2003 but continued to play for Surrey and resumed his captaincy of the side.

He was named as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 2003 and retired after an injury-affected 2004 season.

He came out of retirement on 20th June 2007 to play in a World XI at The Oval against an Asian XI in a Twenty20 charity match in aid of the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

In 2007 he made an unexpected return to Twenty20 cricket, playing for Essex. He currently plays in social cricket sixes tournaments around the Asian region and is also involved in beach cricket and other events in Australia.