Paul Swaby, Former Professional Football Player, Argos

May 28, 2008

FE’s QP is spreading throughout the world like wildfire! Photos show Canadian QP Wearer, former Professional Football Player, Paul Swaby, who is a activational speaker and an author. Paul Swaby is currently working on his second book. His first book is titled “ONE PERCENT “.

I’ve been wearing the pendant for nearly 2 weeks and I can’t believe how well it’s improved my overall energy level.  In the gym, I feel myself wanting to lift more weights or do more cardio because of the energy boost.  When driving my vehicle I feel it’s faster than it’s every been.   I’ve never seen a product that can harmonize the body so well.  Others claim they can do it, FusionExcel Quantum Pendant proves it instantly.  Based on this product I’m a client for life!  I feel grateful and honored to be wearing and supporting this product.  You’ve found a supporter for a life time 🙂

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A.V.S.BATHI ALLIMUTHU, World Kick Boxing Champion

May 28, 2008

  • Founder And President of Malaysia Kickboxing Federation (WKA)
  • 6th Degree Black Belt/Gold Bar Taekwon-Do (I.T.F) / WKA KICKBOXING
  • National TaeKwon-Do Champion 1986 to 1996, Represented Malaysia for both Kickboxing and TaeKwon-Do since 1993
  • World Bronze Medalist-WKA Kickboxing Championship 2005, Nigara Falls, Canada World Bronze Medalist-WKA Kickboxing 2006, Costa Blanca, Spain
  • World Gold Medalist-WKA Kickboxing 2007, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • The Highest qualified and the Only Certified Examiner for Kickboxing (WKA) in Malaysia

I have been an active martial-arts practitioner (Kickboxing, TaeKwon-Do,Boxing & Silat Gayung) for 26 years both as a trainer as well as a competitor, teaching and training almost 10 to 14 hours daily. In 2005 I fractured my leg which slowed me down a bit and l have also been fighting with severe back ache for a long time.

Since wearing FE’s miraculous Quantum Pendant my back ache is almost gone. Not only that, my strength and speed has increased tremendously. I am shocked by my kicks and punches, seeing how much stronger and faster they are now. In fact 14 hours a day training and teaching does not tire me as much anymore. I feel very energetic and happy, having peaceful sleep and waking up full of energy. I will never leave my home without this miraculous Quantum Pendant!p

Recently I presented my parents with Quantum Pendant’s and they have managed to overcome their headaches, lack of energy and it has also helped to bring down their diabetic readings.

I do Energy Healing as well and with FE’s Quantum Pendant I could feel a rush and tremendous increase in my output and I can now heal much faster and see results sooner.

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World Bowling Champion on FusionExcel Pendant

March 15, 2008

Shalin Zulkifli, World Bowling Champion

  1. Credentials include Malaysian National Bowling
  2. Team Member for the past 14 years
  3. 5 times Malaysian National Sportswoman Award Winner
  4. International Bowling Hall of Fame inductee
  5. World Bowling Champion
  6. 5 times National Champion
  7. Ranked 4th in the World in 2007

As a full time national athlete and businesswoman, I live a very fast paced and hectic lifestyle. As an athlete, I train daily and I bowl an average of 20 tournaments overseas a year. When I’m not training or competing overseas, I run my Bowling Centre “Pin Junction” with my fiancée and family. At times I would work 16 hours a day on top of my daily training and gym workout sessions.

I have constantly experienced muscle aches, fatigue and high stress situations in my work and when I’m competing. Since I was introduced to and started wearing FusionExcel’s Quantum Pendant, I have felt and experienced a fantastic increase in my ability to concentrate on my competitive and business commitments.

Bowling is a sport that requires maintaining a high level of concentration for a long period (we compete for about 4 to 6 hours) of time, balance and stamina. After wearing the Quantum Pendant, I feel more energized, more alert and my stamina has improved tremendously. It has given me the winning edge over my opponents because I feel more calm, relaxed and confident when I compete and it has translated into an improvement in my performance. I even bowled a perfect game (300 games, 12 strikes in a row) with it after a week!

I would strongly recommend the Quantum Pendant to everyone; if it has helped me, imagine what it can do for you!