Paul Swaby, Former Professional Football Player, Argos

May 28, 2008

FE’s QP is spreading throughout the world like wildfire! Photos show Canadian QP Wearer, former Professional Football Player, Paul Swaby, who is a activational speaker and an author. Paul Swaby is currently working on his second book. His first book is titled “ONE PERCENT “.

I’ve been wearing the pendant for nearly 2 weeks and I can’t believe how well it’s improved my overall energy level.  In the gym, I feel myself wanting to lift more weights or do more cardio because of the energy boost.  When driving my vehicle I feel it’s faster than it’s every been.   I’ve never seen a product that can harmonize the body so well.  Others claim they can do it, FusionExcel Quantum Pendant proves it instantly.  Based on this product I’m a client for life!  I feel grateful and honored to be wearing and supporting this product.  You’ve found a supporter for a life time 🙂

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