Dave T. – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Age: 40
Occupation: Oilfield
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: October 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
I have rheumatism and arthritis in fingers on both hands. When I wake up in the morning I cannot bend my fingers. Have had both ankles damaged playing sports. My knees are bad. I have to be careful at the gym. If I overdue it when jogging, my left knee will give me pain sometimes up to 8 weeks.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
I started wearing my Pendant in October. I didn’t really notice a difference at first, that is until I forgot it at home and was without it for a few days. All of a sudden, my fingers ached, I couldn’t bend them, and my knees started hurting. The pain had subsided and literally gone away and it wasn’t until I forgot my Pendant that it came back.

I also hurt my knee quite badly in November, within 2 weeks it absolutely had no pain again…unlike the 8 week recovery period I’ve had to endure in the past.

I will wear my Quantum Pendant for life!

Lyle H. – Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

Age: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: 1st week of October 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
In 1999 I broke both my legs and heel in an accident. My kneecap was completely dislocated and the Dr.’s took bone from my hip and put it under my kneecap. I have suffered with pain and aching everyday ever since.

My job requires me to go up and down ladders and scaffolding on a regular basis which always requires great effort to do so.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
I was introduced the the Quantum Pendant as it would possibly help enhance my physical performance and protect me from electromagnetic fields (eg. cell phone, computer etc)

I have worn the pendant for the last 2 weeks. I am sho

cked that in this short amount of time, my pain is now minimal as well as my mobility has increased tremendously. I go up and down scaffolding like I used to before my accident. It also has help me have more endurance and I am putting in longer hours in my day. Thank you Fusion Excel for your Pendant… I won’t take it off!

Esther D. – Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Age: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: Oct 2008

It is with great pleasure and thankfulness that I am able to write my testimonial on the Fusion Excel Pendant.

I was invited to hear about this product a couple weeks ago. It was at night & I really was not interested in going. My husband dug his heels in and said “Oh its just going to be another boring lady thing…you go & I’m staying home!” With some urgency in my sister-in-law’s voice when she invited us to come, I thought I had better go. My husband decided to come at last minute.

To make a long story short, we heard the facts that it protects our bio-field, saw the demonstrations and all ended up purchasing a Pendant.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
I put in very long days in the summer because I sell my goods at different markets in Alberta. I wore the Pendant for 3 full long days and by the 4th day, I got a fantastic wake up call. I travelled to Camrose, stopped for coffee, and when I got out of my vehicle, I thought I was walking on someone else’s legs and hips. The regular stiffness and soreness in my lower body was GONE!! I feel like I used to walk like a 100 year old lady until I took 3 or 4 steps to have to loosen up. Now I am free of all that stiffness and I thank God every day for bringing this product into my life.

Thank you Fusion Excel for this Pendant! I am so grateful it has given me back mobility and dignity to walk like I should.

Teresa Palombi-Ali – Alliston, Ontario, Canada

Age: n/a
Occupation: Banker
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: Mid July 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
My general health is good, but I’m approaching that “sensitive” stage of my life. You are right, I am too young!!

Before wearing the pendant I was always tired, my body ached, my ankles were always swollen and I felt like I was dragging myself everywhere all the time. Work, home, gym, and even social gatherings were a chore to go to. I always felt like I was “sitting on the edge” and was going to erupt at any time. I exercised regularly but by mid week, I would just give up, looking for any excuse not to go. I had lost interest in anything that I started (i.e. my diet or even reading a book) and I started gaining back weight I worked so hard to lose.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
I’ve been wearing my pendant since the beginning of July, and the one thing that I immediately noticed was my increased energy levels and my ability to maintain focus, regardless of whether I was attending meetings at work or at home sorting mail and paying bills. Even while doing all those other things that go along with managing a busy household, I felt great! I am using energized water at my exercise classes and I am keeping up with the instructor far better than I had in the past! At the beginning, my sleep was affected because it was taking me so long to wind down and to relax – I was so energized! It was suggested to me that I take the pendant off earlier in the evening so that I could slow down the pace. My sleep is much better now.

My aches and pains seem almost non-existent now, I’m no longer retaining water, and I feel so much more at ease and alert. The pendant has definitely made an improvement in my life!

In addition, I have an 8 yr old daughter who has a mild developmental disability. She does not wear the pendant, but a pendant is used to energize her water.

Since she’s been drinking the water, she is stronger, more alert, and has developed this “I’m not afraid of anything” attitude. Prior to wearing the pendant, this little girl was afraid of her own shadow, had trouble retaining information and clung to us like glue.

She is now roaming the house and backyard on her own, picking vegetables from the garden, even playing in the playhouse all by herself. She can tell you where she lives and has even memorized a few phone numbers, which she practices dialing every hour or so. She’ll prepare her own simple snacks and has attempted to make her own bed. Knowing how the pendant had benefit me personally, it makes me believe that everything my little one has recently accomplished is due to the energy water she’s been drinking!

Mary Ann Quinsay, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Age: 46
Occupation: n/a
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: June 8, 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
Befor I was introduced to the Quantum Pendant, my body conditions were problematic; I had difficulty in walking, I experienced muscle pain, tiredness and soreness.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
However, ever since I’ve been introduced to the Quantum Pendant and wearing it, I find myself more relaxed. The pain I once felt throughout my entire body, especially around my knees has disappear! I’m so grateful for the Quantum Pendant, because it realy works and it has changed my life.

Joyce Walker – Alliston, Ontario, Canada

Age: n/a
Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: June 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
I was introduced to the Fusion Excel Pendant in early June 2008. I have cerebral palsy which affects my right side of my body. I don’t have use of my right arm. About 15 years ago my left arm started to hurt from much over use. I ended up with a Rotator Cuff Surgery which left me with no use in either arms for about 2 years. Since then I have suffered from daily discomfort. My arm gets easily fatigued as well. .

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
I placed the pendant on and with in 2 days, my arm stopped hurting and does not get tired as easily anymore. Another benefit is that I used to get migraines when the weather was changing. One very hot humid day a business associate came into my office and said you should have a migraine today. I looked at him and said you are right I should. Why would I even think about getting a terrible headache, I wouldn’t. But since wearing this pendant there has been no more migraines.

Russ Pearson  – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Age: 46
Occupation: Renovation Business
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: –

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
A couple months ago I came to Edmonton to do some renovations on a friend’s house.  About 6 weeks ago, a friend of his came over to show him the benefits of the Quantum Pendant.  She demonstrated how it protected our bio field from forms of radiation like the cell phone, microwave etc.

She offered to let me wear one too (in my mind I really didn’t believe it would benefit me in any way).  To be kind, I promised I would wear it for a while.  I have been struggling with knee pain for a number of years. When I bend down, my left knee locks up and I always have had to help myself up I am  favoring it because of the extreme pain when it locks up.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
Funny part about this scenario, there was never anything mentioned that this would have any effect on my joints or physical health.  Within 2 days, even with all the stress on my body due to the renovations,  I was bending down and getting up without assistance or pain.  I had more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  It has now been almost 6 weeks and the pain in my knee is just a past memory.  I am shocked.. no one could have convinced me of the results I have experienced!!  I cannot put a value on this pendant… all I know is that I will never take it off my neck…I feel 10 years younger!

Britta Orphanos – Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Age: No Way!
Occupation: Musician and Past Vice President of North America Chronic Pain Association  of Canada
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: June 16, 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
After 24 years of chronic pain, I finally got relief without using medication or treatments. Two motor vehicles during this period left me with fibromyalgia and joint pains (knees and wrists) not to mention neck, back hip injuries and severe headaches. My everything hurt!

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
Amazing technology! within 15 minutes of wearing my pendant I was full of energy. During the first day I already felt Relief from my pain. One the second day I was surprised when I walked up four flights of stairs to my dental office, with no pain and I wasn’t out of breath, as I usually am. It’s been 6 weeks and I feel that the pendant is responsible for all the improvements.

Patrick Kua – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Age: 48
Occupation: Accountant
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: May 22, 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
I had muscle twitch on my right arm for a month and I also had dry skin and cracked skin on sole. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
The Muscle twitch was gone the next day and has not reoccured since. The sole is now smooth and not dry and cracked after about one month. Overall skin is smoother. My sleep is much deeper. I also have better focus and concentration since I deal with numbers and computers everyday.

Bernadette Shaw – Orangville, Ontario, Canada

Age: 61
Occupation: Retired
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: July, 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
My body is generally low in energy, fatique and slow to move. When I was sitting on the floor or squatting down, trying to get up was a painful effort.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
I felt good energy level, was able to move freely and without pain! I am now able to pop right up with no effort or pain.

Patricia Williamson – Caledon, Ontario, Canada

Age: 56
Occupation: Training and Development
Begin Wearing FE Quantum Pendant: Jun 1st, 2008

Condition Before FE Quantum Pendant:
Weak ankles, knee problem, thyroid at 70% and dry skin. I thought I was ok with my energy.

Condition After FE Quantum Pendant:
My ankles are much stronger and knee pain is gone. My thyroid is now at 87% with use of the pendant and some herbs. My skin is moist now and my energy is much more balance.


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