Scalar @ Work

Amazing Testimonial Videos
(Awesome Discoveries of How Scalar Energy can Help Mankind)

Listen to Ina’s life changing story from using the FusionExcel Quantum Pendant and Scalar Energy. Thank you FusionExcel for touching someone’s life again – one person at a time!!

Condition Before using Quantum Pendant:
I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 40+ years. Since Nov 2007 I’ve been taking Tylenol #3 every 4 hours and could hardly walk, my hands crippling (right hand fuzzing). I was preparing for a wheelchair and quit my job as a singer because I couldn’t even stand for 10 minutes without feeling intense pain.

Condition After using Quantum Pendant:
I received the pendant on June 14, 2008. Within 2 days of wearing the pendant I felt independent!! Hardly anymore pains and stopped taking Tylenol #3 within 3 days. I can stand, walk and even dance again! I’ve lost weight and feel great! I could even run if I had to and I certainly would if someone tries to take the pendant away from me.

FusionExcel Quantum Pendant Lifting Demo at International Conference of Alternative Medicine, May 23-25 2008, Toront, Canada.

August 15-16 2008. CAN-FIT-PRO trade show at the METRO CONVENTION CENTER, Toronto Canada… guests were saying “FusionExcel booth was the most exciting thing in the whole event, not just weight, books, food or DVD, none of the same old thing!!!” ~ Many lifted heavier weights and performed better at their respective exercising classes. Definitely the highlight of the event!!!

Another eyeopening demo at RAW FOOD CONFERENCE, BRAMPTON, ONTARIO… FusionExcel rules.


5 Responses to Scalar @ Work

  1. eric cuatico says:

    My pendant was dropped and is cracked. Does this mean the pendant has no energy anymore?

  2. I would like to know how I can purchase this pendant and if you have an affiliate program.

    Thank you,


  3. marcelo acak says:

    ive just purchased quantum pendant today and i will try to wear this everyday,what may be the good effect with this in my body?anyway, i will send my comments after i feel any changes in my system…

  4. fusionexcel says:

    Guys… you can purchase the pendants from (Canadian Fusionexcel Site). Pls avoid buying from ebay or sites selling without offering you a free BUSINESS ID upon purchase. Fake pendants may contain Uranium, thus you feel the energy but its nor Scalar … its hazardous. does not provide online purchases due to high amount of credit card frauds in Asia

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